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How to Prevent Nail Infection From Eating Away Your Nails

The first sign of a nail infection is the discoloration of your nails. From their pinkish white color, nails usually turn to yellow. And eventually when the infection is already in its advanced stage, nails become brown or black. But probably because of nail polish or simply ignorance, a lot of individuals really do not realize that they have nail problems until such time when the nails chip off and the infection has spread.

Many who have experienced fungal nail infection will tell you that it is truly hard to eliminate. Furthermore, if left untreated, it will spread to other nails and create more havoc. Unless you think that having brittle and yellowish or brownish nails is a good fashion statement, you could really be in for a lot of frustrations because common nail fungal medications usually take weeks or even months to bring back the health of your nails.

The best way to deal with such infection is to prevent it. If you do not ever want to suffer from nail fungus, then you ought to read on and follow the tips below.

Never Treat Your Nails Like Tools
A lot of people have been guilty of using their nails as tools every now and then. Since healthy nails are a bit strong, they won't break or chip when used to scrape of stickers from bottles, remove staples from papers or even scratch hard surfaces. In fact, some people even try to open bottles with their nails. Although there may be no visible sign of wear and tear, your nails actually chip or break a little every time you use them as tools. These tears or breaks, no matter how microscopic, are just what bacteria or fungi need to start a full-grown infection.

Regularly Trim And Clean Your Nails
Nails are really easy to maintain. The only thing that they require from you is that you clean and trim them regularly. It will help you a lot if you have a system or schedule in trimming and cleaning your nails. Make sure that the areas under your nails are free from dirt because this is where bacteria and fungi could lurk. By the way, your fingernails are not the only things that need to be taken care of, you also need to make sure that your toenails are also looked after.

Medicate At First Sign Of Injury
Do not dilly-dally when it comes to wounds and cuts on your nails. At first sign of injury, you need to find a medication or treatment, even natural remedies, to help abate the problem. Again, if these wounds are left untreated, they could cause bacterial or fungal infections.

Be Extra Careful When You Wear Artificial Nails
If you are wearing artificial nails, you ought to be extra careful with your natural nails because they are doubly susceptible to infection. Before you put on artificial nails, you need to be aware that the bonding agents used to fit your artificial nails on your real ones are made of chemicals which can damage your soft tissues. As mentioned earlier, slight wounds and cracks can allow fungus and bacteria to penetrate your skin.

Once you have artificial nails, you need to be extra cautious with how you handle things. If there is slight damage to your nails, you have to go to a nail technician to have it fixed. Never attempt to fix them yourself because this can just make things work.

By Janet Martin


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