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Tips & Tricks for Nail Polish to Last

It seems we spend so much money trying to find a nail polish that lasts. However, it is easy and affordable to have beautiful looking hands and nails, which makes a rich and glamorous statement about who you are and how you care for yourself.

It does take diligence and care and I am here to help with these easy tricks to keep your manicure looking great longer .

Keep nails short

Long nails are more prone to chipping and breaking than short, professional-length ones. Aim for nails no more than a quarter inch past your fingertips

Groom cuticles

When polish is applied to overgrown cuticles, it peels off easily. Keep cuticles in check by applying a drop of oil to them and gently pushing them back with a wooden tool. (Don't cut cuticles, which can cause them to grow back even thicker.)

Clean nails

Apply polish to nails that have been cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in nail-polish remover. Any oil or lotion left on the nail bed will prevent polish from bonding to the nail and cause peeling in a day or two.

Apply polish in thin coats

Wipe one side of the nailbrush against the neck of the bottle to ensure excess polish is removed. Then sweep the brush up the length of the nail in thin coats. Thick coats of polish bubble and peel.

Apply a base coat

Even if you're in a rush! A specially-formulated base coat gives coloured polish something to stick to so it lasts longer.

Allow polish to dry between coats


Manicure experts say that giving polish some time to dry before applying a second coat allows the first coat to form a better bond to the nail. The second coat will then bond to the first.

Wrap polish onto nails

When applying polish, sweep a bit across the edge and under the nail tip. This "wraps" the end, minimizing chipping.

Toss old polish

Old nail polish changes consistency and becomes thick and gloppy. That means it won't have the staying power of newer polish. If you can't bear to toss your favorite old bottle, add a bit of polish thinner (not remover) to make it smoother. Also it is totally unnecessary to put nail polish in the refrigerator. The condensation actually hardens the nail polish.

Protect hands from water

Immersing your hands in water for too long can cause polish to lift off the nail, shortening the life of your nail polish. Use rubber gloves when you're washing dishes, and keep showers to a quick 10-15 minutes.

Apply topcoat daily

It's the number-one way to ensure your manicure lasts. Sweep on a protective topcoat daily to increase your nail polish's staying power.