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Mandarin Oil - 11ml

Mandarin Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

The health benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti septic, anti spasmodic, circulatory, cytophylactic, depurative, digestive, hepatic, nervous relaxant, sedative, stomachic and tonic.

Mandarin is a citrus fruit which is also known as Mandarin Orange or Tangerine. But there is a slight difference. Mandarin is more yellow in colour and come with pips while Tangerine is more orange in colour and is without pips. So, Mandarin Essential Oil is also called Tangerine Essential Oil. The botanical name of both of these plants is Citrus Reticulata, which shows that they are same. As the name suggests, Mandarin plant is native to China from where it went to Europe and now Italy is one of the biggest producer of Mandarin Oil. The essential oil is extracted by cold compression of the fresh peels of these fruits and contains are alpha thujone, alpha pinene, beta pinene, camphene, citral, citronellal, gamma terpinolene, geranial, geraniol, limonene, linalool, methyl methylanthranilate, myrcene, nerol, sabinene and terpineol. Mandarins had a place in Chinese culture as they were given as gifts to the Mandarins (the name given to Chinese officials under the king).

Apart from being used as a flavouring agent in the food & beverages, cosmetics, soap, oils and perfume industries, this oil has vivid medicinal uses. Let us find out.

  • Anti Septic: It protects wounds from being septic and other bacterial, fungal or viral infections. It forms a protective covering on the wound and promotes collection of blood platelets and leucocytes at the effected place, thereby checking the intrusion of microbes. Further, the oil itself has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and kills them, thereby adding to the effect.
  • Anti Spasmodic: A spasm in the respiratory system can make you suffer from breathing troubles, congestion and exhausting coughs while muscular spasm gives cramps and muscle pulls, which are very painful. Spasm in the digestive system (intestines etc.) can cause vomiting and pulling aches in the stomach and intestines while a spasm in the nervous system gives nervous afflictions and convulsions. Treatment? You have one that is herbal and has no adverse side effects. It is the Mandarin Essential Oil. Just a few drops and the spasm cured. You get a pleasing relief.
  • Circulatory: This oil of Mandarin improves circulation of blood and lymph, particularly below the skin which keeps the skin rejuvenated and looking young and vibrant. The improved circulation also gives warmth and gives relief from rheumatism and arthritis. This also aids growth and boosts immunity.
  • Cytophylactic: The Essential Oil of Mandarin promotes growth of new cells and tissues, thereby helping faster healing of wounds and other wear & tears. This also promotes growth of the body.
  • Depurative: It purifies blood by helping removal of toxic and unwanted substances from the body through means of excretion, such as urine, excreta and sweat. This prevents diseases resulting from deposition of toxins, such as abscesses, boils, acne, gout & arthritis etc.
  • Digestive: A few drops of this oil after the lunch or dinner, facilitates digestion by provoking discharges of digestive juices and bile into the stomach. It also increases appetite.
  • Hepatic: This oil is good for the liver as it helps maintain proper discharge of bile from it and protects it from infections. It also strengthens liver.
  • Nervous Relaxant: Although the oil is a common sedative, but it sedating action is more prominent in relaxing and calming nervous afflictions and disturbances. It can calm attacks of epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions. Further, it takes away stress and anxiety.
  • Sedative: The Essential Oil of Mandarin is a reputed sedative for inflammations and nervous disturbances.
  • Stomachic: This oil helps maintain the acid and base balance in the stomach and protects it from ulcers and other disorders. It also fights any infections in the stomach.
  • Tonic: Mandarin Essential Oil tones up overall health and boosts up the immune system. Being a tonic, it helps in the growth and proper functioning of the body by toning up all the organic systems functioning in the body, such as the respiratory system, the digestive system, the cardio-vascular system, the circulatory system, the neurotic system, the excretory system, the nervous system and the endocrinal system. It also boosts up the immune system of the body.
  • Other Benefits: Relieves stress; cures skin disorders and maintains moisture balance in the skin; treats diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence and other such disorders related to digestive and excretory systems and diminishes scars and stretch marks, fat cracks on skin.

Few Words of Caution: Shows photo toxicity. It may produce irritations in some skin types.

Source : www.organicfacts.net

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