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Unlike many other nail care product sellers on the internet, we do NOT hide in a home office. We have a real shop (counter sales only) with real staff. You are more than welcome to drop by at any time. See below for our opening hours.

  • Address: 32b Platinum Junction, School Street, Milnerton, Cape Town
  • Phone: (021) 551-9133
  • Mobile: +27794943969
  • Email Us: harry@lechatsa.co.za

Shop Trading Hours
Weekdays: 8.00am to 18:00pm
Saturdays: 09:00am to 13:00pm
Saturday Afternoons and Sundays: Please contact Harry - +27794943969

We are committed to providing Nail Care Products at an exceptional value, fast & efficiently via the Internet or direct from our shop.

Our friendly staff really enjoy attending to Internet orders, enquiries and serving customers.

Remember - "The customer is always right'


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Hi there!
Do you have orderless Monomer and a Pink polymer that conceals a very short nail bed( like when you have to lengthen the pink so that the nailbed looks longer?)

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