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1 March 2009

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We have launched our FACEBOOK GROUP - LeChat Nails SA - Please join it NOW!!
Through our Facebook Group, we share interesting Weekly Nail Tips as well as Nail Discussions and Images (Load your Before/After Images Today). We value your Comments on our Facebook group. Many of our posts inspire thoughtful commentary and even spirited disagreement. Keep up to date on our Group with our latest news, info and website updates. CLICK HERE and join the LeChat SA Group.

SPECIALS THIS WEEKWeekly Articles and Features

Good Day [fname] our Specials for this week are listed below:

All of our Colour Gels less 10%, they were R180, and NOW they are only R162 for the 16grm tub size.

LESS 10%
1 - Color Gels (Bloody Mary) - 16grm - Click Here
2 - Color Gels (French white) - 16grm - Click Here
3 - Color Gels (Mimosa) - 16grm - Click Here
4 - Color Gels (Pastel Pink) - 16grm - Click Here
5 - Color Gels (Red Pure) - 16grm - Click Here
6 - Color Gels (White Pure) - 16grm - Click Here

For orders over R500 we will give you 2 Buffing Blocks for NO CHARGE

Acrylic Polymer - Pink - 100cc
Acrylic Polymer - Pink - 100cc

  • Always keep nail polish and other chemicals out of reach of young children.
  • Don't chew on your nails, it will ruin them, and it will taste horrible.
  • Avoid using a cotton ball as much as possible because the hairs often stick to your nails, ruining them.
  • Be careful if you have any cuts around the edges of your finger nails. It will burn if any nail polish touches a cut.
  • If you don't apply a base coat before you put the color on your nails could have a nasty looking yellow tint.
  • Don't use a blowdryer to dry your nails faster. The heat causes the nail polish to release its bond with the nail.
  • Do not put gloves or mittens etc.etc. on wet nails! It will really destroy your nails!
  • Don't use cheap dark-colored nail polish. It can dye your nails a gross yellow color.
Nail Training Videos
Ever wanted to see how Nail Art or Colour Gel is done on nails?
You can do this here via video clips.
All of our Videos are FREE to view, simply browse to the page that has the videos and watch!! - View Videos Online

Cost Per set of Nails Using Our Products
No-one else has it - This Cost Per Set Price Breakdown is Unique to Le Chat Nails SA
- You can now see exactly how much a set of nails will cost you when using our products. This feature can save money and ensure that you give your customers the best "Value for Money"
- View Breakdown

Featured Article - Petal Perfect™ with Gemstones Application...more
1) Clean hands with LeChat Gel Cleanser and Nail Preparation Solution. (Surface must be clean and free of oil and dust)
2) Gently push back cuticles; remove pterygium...
- Read Full Article

Which Nail Polish Suits Me Best?
Choosing nail polish can be difficult no matter if you want to have an in-style colour, or just can't make up your mind.
1) Learn how to paint your nails, and maybe practice on a friend.
2) Determine your skin color. Pick from one of the listed.....more

Gift Certificates for Le Chat Website
Gift certificates are the perfect solution when you just can't find the right gift or you're short of time. Gift Certificates make a perfect present for friends, family, and business associates...more

How to Paint Stripes on Fingernails
Pretty stripes on your nails look great. It takes a little time, but it's well worth it. The texture also makes the polish last longer by making small chips much less noticeable..
1) Prep a white by trimming, with scissors, a little bit off of both sides....more

Send eCards to Friends/Colleagues
We now offer you a great NEW free service where you can send anyone an eCard to show them that you care. It is really easy, Just Choose a design, Fill out the form and send. Just a few of the Categories we have on our website are Birthdays, Anniversaries, General, Greetings, Special Days...Send a Card

Refer People and Get Rewarded
Good Day [fname] you can earn LC POINTS when you "Refer Friends" to us. When you refer your friends or anyone else you think may be interested in our website to us you will earn LC Points for each referral. These points are awarded to you even if they don't sign up...EARN LC POINTS NOW...

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