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16 November 2008

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I find that my nails flake and peel especially during the winter months why is this ?

This is caused by the dehydration in the nail plate; use rubber gloves when doing household chores. To instantly re-hydrate the nails, start using nail oil such as our Dare Cuti-Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E use this regularly and steer clear of acetone polish removers.

Buffing the nails can help remove the dehydration – like exfoliating your skin.

Usually caused by dehydration. Moisturise frequently with a nail or hand and nail cream especially one rich in panthenol which helps prevent brittleness.

If you can find a good nail technician overlays are a great way to strengthen poor nails, but if you want to stay 'au natural' then have regular manicures, gently buff the ridges smooth and keep them short. Wearing your nails too long can cause you to catch and break them.

Ingredients these conditions should avoid or use:

  • If you have brittle nails then make sure your products do not contain toluene or formaldehyde - our CM nail polish is toluene & formaldehyde free.
  • If your nails are dry, you must steer clear of nail-polish removers that contain acetone, as this will dry out nails further.
  • If you have oily nail beds you will find base coats cannot adhere to the nail properly. In cases like this a polish remover containing acetone will temporarily dehydrate the nail bed allowing polish to adhere. I usually recommend using our Dare Perfect Balance, this will remove the oils and replace the pH in natural nails. If unsure of your nail type a professional nail technician will be able to tell you.


Ever wanted to see how Nail Art or Colour Gel is done on nails? You can do this here via video clips. All of our Videos are FREE to view, simply browse to the page that has the videos and watch!!



Kerry Kuffler is the Natal Distributor and Head educator for Le Chat SA.

Kerry qualified in Aesthetics and Physiatrics with ITEC in 1989 and has explored various fields in the beauty industry including cosmetic sales, beauty therapist, sales rep and many more.

Kerry has been an educator in the Health, Skin Care and Nail Technology industry for nearly 13 Years and started the first accredited modular training school with Carol Cremer in 1997 in Durban North. Kerry’s passion lies with Nail Technology and this prompted her decision to break away from The Beauty Specialist Training Centre Group and concentrate on market penetration with the Le Chat brand.

Kerry will head up the training division in KZN and will ensure that all appointed educators are updated regularly and will be appointing more distributors and educators throughout the province.
Various education points will be available for students to attend training and In Salon Conversion Training, for qualified nail technicians, will also be available.

Stock will be available at Kerry’s office in Waterfall, ( Upper Highway) and at all the Beauty Specialist Training Centre Branches, namely Ballito, Empangeni, Gillitts, Pietermaritsburg and Durban North. Distribution for the upper North coast, Eshowe to Pongola and for Northern Natal, Newcastle, Dundee and Vryheid are currently being negotiated.There will be no client needs that are too big or too small for the Natal division of Le Chat SA! For enquiries about Training, Conversions and Distribution and Educators Positions, please contact

Kerry Kuffler - 071 679 3160 - 031 776 4026 - kerry@lechatsa.co.za