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23 November 2008

We are happy to announce that our Online Credit Card Payment Facility is now Active. This facility is Secured by Thawte - www.thawte.com and powered by PayGate - www.paygate.co.za. You can now shop on www.lechatnails.co.za with confidence knowing that your transactions are 100% secure when using your Credit Card for payment.

 Rejuvenating Rock Salt - 160grmR50.00 R25.00
 Soft & Silky Hand & Body Cream - 140grmR50.00 R25.00
 Sweet Surrender Exfoliator - 160grmR50.00 R25.00

Nails built to last
Structural elegance is just a brush stroke away when using NailArchitecture™ Acrylic System.

  • Strong and durable wear.
  • Easy application with a superior texture.
  • A spectrum of luxurious colored powders that will enhance the elegance and appearance of any fashionable nail art designs.

Starter kit includes:

  • Liquid Monomer (8fl. oz)
  • Primer (.50fl. oz)
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Polymer (14.25gm)
  • Natural Acrylic Polymer (14.25gm)
  • Contemporary Pink Acrylic Polymer (14.25gm)
  • Deco Pink Acrylic Polymer (14.25gm)
  • Ultra White Acrylic Polymer (14.25gm)


What is the best way for me to remove my fale nails??

Removing acrylic nails has become simpler over the years and it very safe. It has also become more routine in keeping clients’ nails fresh looking. So many still take the nippers and clip off old acrylic to replace the nails and this should be against the “nail law”. It is extremely damaging and hurts the client. It’s totally unacceptable.

Today’s acrylic is softer and easier to remove. The nails tend to plump up faster and re faster to remove.

MMA nails are not that easy to remove. They are more resistant to the acetone and take 2-3 times longer to soak off.

We use only EMA blended products.

MMA = Methyl Methacrylate
EMA = Ethyl Methacrylate

Speed things up by shortening the nails and thinning them out first.

When do you remove nails?
This varies but when the nails will take more work to fill is when I opt to soak off and do a new set. If I had a new client that came from another salon and you knew this was not a one time client you were going to keep, what I would do is fill over the MMA the first time and schedule her a two hour fill appointment next time she plans on coming in to get her nails done. Be sure to explain why you do this, the benefits of switching her over to an EMA based product and how wonderful you can make her nails with a new set.


Schedule her first hour for soaking while you are doing another client so you don’t waste time not making money while she soaks.

a) Set her up in straight acetone with Vaseline on her fingers and cuticles and cover the bowl of acetone with a towel. Add some cuticle oil to the acetone and maybe some marbles for her to play with that will help work the product off. You can heat the acetone up by placing the bowl of acetone in another bowl of very hot water and covering it.

(There are acetone removal machines now that heat the acetone and vibrate speeding up the service).

b) Let her sit for the whole hour possible. The longer you leave her in the acetone the better, if her fingers can take it. The idea is to leave the nails in the acetone until they fall off. Taking them out and scraping the product off is ok, but can waste time – they set back up as soon as you take them out of the acetone.

c) Another way to remove the nails safely is to take very wet cotton ball with acetone (use real cotton it absorbs better than synthetic cotton) and place the ball of cotton on the nail and wrap in tin foil making it fit snug around the finger. Condition her hands first with a heavy lotion. After placing the acetone and cotton on the nails, wrap all ten nails in tin foil and paraffin dip her three times. The acetone won’t get into the paraffin so don’t worry about that and it does, oh well, no harm. Place her hands in a plastic bag and mitts. You can also place the hands with the plastic bags into warming mitts with or without the paraffin.

The heat speeds up the process. Leave the hands and nails in the paraffin and mitts for 30-45 minutes. Remove the mitts and plastic bags, and with some pressure on the nails remove the tin foil taking the melted acrylic with it. You should be able to take a tissue and remove the remaining acrylic and have the client use a nail brush to remove any acetone from her fingers and nails. If they are soaking, have them wash the acetone off their fingers too.

This procedure needs to be positioned right so it is not a hassle and you are not wasting valuable time. Got a client that can’t sit still for that long? Put her feet into the pedicure bath and let her soak her feet while soaking her nails – she will mellow out about sitting there quickly. She can remover her shoes and socks herself and she can put them back on so it does not take any time from you. Just get the pedicure bath ready.

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