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25 January 2009

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LeChat SA Nails - Weekly Newsletter (24 January 2009) - Specials, News, Tips and much more

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Apply product of choice (Acrylic, gel or wrap). After you file and shape, remove dust then spray and wipe nails using LeChat Gel Cleanser and Nail Preparations Solution.

Begin to apply Perfect-Match Color Gel as if polishing the nail and cure under UV light for 3 minutes. Make sure to cap free-edge.

Remove from light and apply a thin layer of Gel Top (red bottle) making certain the entire nail is covered and seal the free edge. Cure under UV light for 10 -15 seconds.

Remove from light; apply a second thinner layer of Gel Top (red bottle) again making certain the entire nail is covered and seal the free edge. Cure under UV light for 3 minutes.

Remove hand from UV light, spray and wipe with LeChat Gel Cleanser and Nail Preparations Solution making sure to remove any gel residue from nails.


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Do's and Dont's of Nails

Don’t cut the eponychium, ever. Hangnails and dry dead skin may be removed carefully.
Deal with thick cuticles by using an exfoliant, cuticle remover, or allowing the cuticle to repair itself with the aid of moisturizers.

Do remove excess true cuticle from the nail plate. The true cuticle may be removed from the nail plate using a curette, cuticle pumice stone, or similar implement, never go underneath the eponychium to remove true cuticle.

Don’t go overboard at the free edge. Dead skin can build up under the free edge, at the hyponyhium. Like the eponychium, the hyponychium forms a seal around the nail plate. You should be careful not to break this seal when removing dead skin from under the free edge. Don’t cut the hyponychium.

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HOW TO ORDER ON www.lechatnails.co.za

Welcome to Lechatnails.co.za, South Africa's Online Nail & Beauty Shop.

We aim to give you the the ultimate online shopping experience!

Purchasing products on our website is very easy, simply follow the steps below to get your products today

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  14. Send Proof of Payment to Us via Email - orders@lechatsa.co.za or Fax : 086 655 0748
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Enjoy Your Shopping Experience - The Le Chat SA Nails Team - REGISTER NOW

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