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4 January 2009

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LeChat SA Nails - Weekly Newsletter (4 January 2009) - Specials, News, Tips and much more
Going forward, we are wanting to Upgrade and Expand our website to suite YOU!!!
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Hi [fname] we are offering you an AMAZING SPECIAL this week!

For this week only (4-11 January 2009) you will get 10% discount on ALL DARE PRODUCTS purchased on our website.

Everyone else who browses our site does not have access to this page, so YOU ARE SPECIAL...

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Nail Art DVD
Add to your nail art creations with these elegant and creative nail art designs...more

Powder Gel Instruction DVD
Step-by-step instructional DVD on how to use the Powder Gel® Nail Sustem...more

Color Gel Demonstration DVD
Wheather a beginner or a pro, these demonstrations of nail art design and semi-permanent nail polish will enhance your artistic style...more

About Long Nails

Long nails on women are considered sexy by many people, but there is caution. According to a study done by Shelly McNeil, M.D., an infectious-disease specialist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, nails longer than three centimeters (just a bit over one inch) are five times more likely than trimmed nails to carry the pesky pathogens that cause staph and yeast infections.

To be on the safe side, Dr. McNeil warns that you need to be diligent about washing your hands (especially after contact with such germ-prone items as doorknobs, public toilets and gym equipment). You also might want to carry an alcohol-based hand gel that can be used to disinfect your hands when soap and water aren't available.

FREE Training Videos Online

Ever wanted to see how Nail Art or Colour Gel is done on nails? You can do this here via video clips.

All of our Videos are FREE to view, simply browse to the page that has the videos and watch!!.

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We now offer a "New Feature" on our website.

You can submit your nail related photo's to us and we will place these photo's on our website.

You will get one page on our website for FREE where your Salon/Business can be promoted.

Weekly, we will select 2 designs weekly and these pages/photo's will be promoted in our Weekly Newsletter...Add Photo's

Dots Design - NailArchitecture

1. Prepare Nail Tip for Tip application. Adjust depth of smile line if desired.
(surface must be smooth, free of oil and dust)

2. Begin by adding small dots of Nail Architecture's Clear Acrylic to the French Tip Area

3. Then appear Nail Architecture's Colour Acrylic in Sun Bright, Paradise Blue and Tangerine Glow, covering the French Tip Area...Read Full Article...


Overgrown, sweaty and neglected? Here's our five-step Buffers Guide.

Step one
Wash feet with mild soap and warm water, then dry with a clean towel. Using a cotton ball dipped in tea tree oil (or a mild antiseptic) gently swap around your manky toenails to annihilate bacteria responsible for nasty niffs.

Step Two
Deal with dodgy cuticles by dipping a cotton bud in olive oil and gently massaging until they're soft enough for you to push back into place.

Step Three
Only use toenail clippers or nail scissors for cutting. Fingernail clippers are designed for smaller nails, and you risk taking 'bites' out of each nail, rather than trimming each one squarely. A square cut is recommended as it reduces the risk of ingrown nails, and don't cut the nail so far back that it exposes the skin underneath (or you'll be hobbling for days).

Step Four
Don't ignore toenails that are green/black/discoloured or crumbly/thickened and warped beyond recognition - because it's usually a sign of a fungal infection. If left to fester, some infections can spread to other nails and even cause damage to the toe bones. See your GP for treatment, and help yourself while you wait for the appointment by soaking feet in warm salty water.

Step Five
Wear fresh, cotton socks and be sure your footwear is fitted properly. That way you can kick it all off without fear of causing offence or distress.

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