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7 December 2008


> Medium Dry Monomer (100ml) R59.40
> Medium Dry Monomer (500ml) R237.60
> Primerless Monomer (100ml) R74.70
> Primerless Monomer (500ml) R267.30
> Medium Dry Monomer (200ml) R108.90
> Medium Dry Monomer (50ml) R35.10
> Primerless Monomer (200ml) R128.70
> Primerless Monomer (50ml) R39.60
> Black Banana - 100/180 R5.00
> Black File (Medium) 100/180 R5.00
> Buffing Block - Purple R6.00
> Half Moon File - 100/180 R8.00
> Pedi File - 80/80 R18.00
> Pink Teardrop - 280/320 R5.00
> Spongie - 180/180 R12.00
> Washable File - 100/180 R6.00
> Black File (Coarse) 80/80 R5.00
> Buffing Block - Orange R6.00
> Buffing Block - White R5.00
> Mylar File - 80/80 R10.00
> Pink File - 360 R6.00
> Shiner R10.00
> Washable File - 100/100 R6.00
> Washable File - 80/80 R6.00
> Zebra Banana - 100/100 R5.00
> Sponge Buffer - Curve (18 Units) R689.00
> Sponge Buffer - Large (18 Units) R689.00
> True Glaze - Curve (20 Pack) R975.00
> True Glaze - Large (20 Pack) R975.00
> White Block Buffer R13.00
> Zebra - Curve (Each) R21.00
> Zebra - Large (Each) R21.00
> Sponge Buffer - Curved (Each) R42.00
> Sponge Buffer - Large (Each) R42.00
> True Glaze - Curve (Each) R53.00
> True Glaze - Large (Each) R53.00
> Zebra - Small (Each) R21.00
> Zebra - Curve (40 Pack) R742.00
> Zebra - Large (40 Pack) R742.00
> Zebra - Small (40 Pack) R742.00

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Le Chat Professional Kit (Inc. Step-by-Step Instructions)

Our Powder Gel System is not like any other gel system on the market. It is a unique system offering the flexability of a gel with the strength of an acrylic.

It is such an easy product to work with but we do recommend completing a training programme to be able to use it effectively and professionally.

With salon-tested techniques, and easy applications developed for the nail professional.

Using the simple brush on method will produce splendid results without burning sensations or offensive fumes, resulting in a natural looking finish with a super gloss that really lasts! Ideal for French manicures.

With step-by-step instructions that guide you to create beautiful nails effortless and fail proof. Simply polish nails with LeChat's Gel, then sugarcoat with a little sprinkle of LeChat's Powder, and Voila! You're ready to go out with beautiful radiantly nails from LeChat's Powder Gel

More info and Ordering Online

SCIENCE - Color Changing Gel Colors

Nail Preparation : a. Remove nail polish with acetone. b. Push back cuticle. c. Remove pterigium. d. Etch nail with 100/180 grit file to a light dust removing all shine (do not use buffer block to remove the shine). Focus all around the cuticle area. e. Brush off dust with a nylon brush. f. Spray and wipe all nails with "LeChat Gel Cleanser and Nail Preparation Solution".


I am confused by the different type of false nails that you can have attached and would value some advice.

There are many types of enhancements available namely: acrylic, silk, fibreglass, linen, gel, acrylic "dip" system, LeChat's Powder Gel Nail System etc. Acrylic is the strongest of all the systems available but if not applied correctly can make the nails look thick and "false". Gel nails are a lot more flexible.

The LeChat Powder Gel Nail System is going to give you the best of both worlds, the flexibility of a gel but the durability of an acrylic with no seam lines on re-fill application, no discolouration and no lifting. This system is going to give you a more natural-looking finished nail and will also feel like your own.

With all nail systems, the re-fill time is anything between 2 to 3 weeks depending on your nail growth. Find a good nail technician who will give you her professional advise and best quality service.

Once you try an enhancement system you won't want to go back!

You can do this here via video clips. All of our Videos are FREE to view, simply browse to the page that has the videos and watch!!