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15 December 2008

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LeChat SA Nails - Weekly Newsletter (14 December 2008) - Specials, News, Tips and much more

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LeChat Affiliate System Launched

LeChat is seeking affiliates!! -

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FREE Training Videos Online

Ever wanted to see how Nail Art or Colour Gel is done on nails? You can do this here via video clips.

All of our Videos are FREE to view, simply browse to the page that has the videos and watch!!.

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Biting nails at a glance doesn't seem that much of a problem but careful examination of this behavior surely shows that it is problematic.

The technical word for nail biting is Onychophagia and it starts generally between the age of 4 or 5 to ten. It is a very common problem and over 30%....

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3D Flower design Instructions using element by LeChat

1. Clean hand with LeChat Gel Cleanser nail Preparation Solution. (surface must be smooth, free of oil and dust)
2. Decide what pattern and color of flowers you would like to create

3. Pick up small drops of Le Chats Element 3D color gel using Le Chat Designer Brush
4. Lay drops on nail surface according to the pattern you have chosen
5. Clean the Design Brush then cut through the dots to create pedals
6. Cure design under UV Lamp (minimum 6 watt) for 2 minutes
7. Remove from lamp and wipe with Gel Cleanser nail Preparation Solution to remove sticky residue.

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What does it cost to do a set of nails using our products?

No-one else has it - Unique to Le Chat Nails SA - You can now see exactly how much a set of nails will cost you when using our products.

This information can save you money and ensure that you give your customers the best "Value for Money"


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