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19 January 2009

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LeChat SA Nails - Weekly Newsletter (11 January 2009) - Specials, News, Tips and much more

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In this issueWEEKLY SPECIAL - Dare Products NOBILITY Soak-Off Gel

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Good Day we are offering you an AMAZING SPECIAL this week!

You will get 10% discount on DARE Nail Files, CM Nail Polishes, Manicure Bowls and Soak-Off Bowls.

You will also get 2 Nail Art Packets for R18.00

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Create strong, vibrant, colorful nail art or use as semi-permanent nail color.

These Color Gels will assure you a clean and long lasting beautiful look that are effortlessly removed with Nobility Remover..browse

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Dare - Builder Gel
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Nail System
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Le Chat - Nobility
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Le Chat
Starter Kit
Le Chat
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Refer a friend and earn LC Points
Good Day you can earn LC POINTS when you "Refer Friends" to us. You get your LC Points for each referral - even if they don't join.



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Toe Nail Care

Overgrown, sweaty and neglected? Here's our five-step Buffers Guide.

Step One
Wash feet with mild soap and warm water, then dry with a clean towel. Using a cotton ball dipped in tea tree oil (or a mild antiseptic) gently swap around your manky toenails to annihilate bacteria responsible for nasty niffs.

Step Two
Deal with dodgy cuticles by dipping a cotton bud in olive oil and gently massaging until they're soft enough for you to push back into place

Step Three
Only use toenail clippers or nail scissors for cutting. Fingernail clippers are designed for smaller nails, and you risk taking 'bites' out of each nail, rather than trimming each one squarely. A square cut is recommended as it reduces the risk of ingrown nails, and don't cut the nail so far back that it exposes the skin underneath (or you'll be hobbling for days).

Step Four
Don't ignore toenails that are green/black/discoloured or crumbly/thickened and warped beyond recognition - because it's usually a sign of a fungal infection. If left to fester, some infections can spread to other nails and even cause damage to the toe bones. See your GP for treatment, and help yourself while you wait for the appointment by soaking feet in warm salty water.

Step Five
Wear fresh, cotton socks and be sure your footwear is fitted properly. That way you can kick it all off without fear of causing offence or distress.

LeChat Affiliate System Launched

LeChat is seeking affiliates!! - Would you like to earn money by marketing our website and products? Simply become a LeChat Affiliate and START MAKING MONEY TODAY!!


WIN a Nobility Soak Off Kit (Plus other products)

Simply SMS lechatnail to 34008 and your name will be entered into a draw to WIN a Nobility Kit (plus other products to the Value of R1500.

Each SMS costs R2 and you may enter as many times as you like - the more you enter the better your chance is of winning the Nobility Kit.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Petal Perfect™ with Color Gel Application Instructions

1. Clean hands with LeChat Gel Cleanser and Nail Preparation Solution. (Surface must be clean and free of oil and dust)

2. Gently push back cuticles; remove

3. Remove shine on natural nail bed with LeChat 180 grit Zebra file.

4. Apply Deco™ tip extensions. Cut and shape according to clients desire. Make sure to blend tips down even to nail bed. Pay close attention to seam line. Brush off access dust with nylon brush. Spray and wipe nails with LeChat Gel Cleanser.

5. (Optional) if needed, apply LeChat Gel Primer to natural nail bed only. Let
dry to chalky-white.

6. Apply 1 coat of Baby Pink (#CG520) with #4 or #6 Gel Brush onto the nail as if you were applying nail polish. Cure under UV light for 30 seconds.

7. Remove from light and directly apply Science™ color changing gel
Pink Delight (#MG02) with a clean #4 or #6 Gel Brush onto the free-edge.
Cure under UV light for 30 seconds.

8. Remove hand from light and wet area to lay design, with a thin layer of
Gel Base.

9. Touch a cleaned #4 or #6 Gel Brush with a small amount of Gel Base to pick
up LeChat Brilliant Radiance™ Glitter, Crystallite (#GR09), then gently press
glitter in desired pattern onto nail.

10. Touch the picker with a small amount of Gel Base to pick up LeChat
Petal Perfect™ nail art accessories then gently lay petals in desired pattern.
a) Use picker to also pick up gemstones to accent your design.

11. Cure under UV light for 10 seconds.

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