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6 October 2008

Below are the AMAZING SPECIALS that we have for this week only (6 October 2008 to 12 October 2008). Simply Click on any of the SPECIALS to go to our Website and see more on these and other items on SPECIAL.

Tunnel UV Lamp/Dryer (36 watt)

For this week only we are offering our 36W Tunnel UV lamp for R399.

This is a never to be repeated price. This special is limited to 1 per customer.

R 399.00

Builder Gel - Nail System (Including STEP-BY-STEP Instruction Manual)

Please note that the colour gels are highly pigmented and therefore cannot be used on their own – they are TOP gels and can be applied directly over your finished acrylic, silk/fibre, “dip” or gel nail.....

  • Sanitize client’s hands with Dare Pro-Tect anti-bacterial spray.
  • Check client’s nails and hands for contra-indications.
  • Gently push back cuticles

Dare Acrylic Nail System (Including STEP-BY-STEP Instruction Manual)

Step 1 : Pour an ample amount of liquid in your dappen dish so it is filled ˝ way. In preparation saturate your application brush by gently pressing it to the bottom of the dappen dish and spreading the bristles so all the air releases from the hair and the brush is totally saturated.

Then wipe all the liquid out of your brush before re-dipping it to retrieve the liquid you want for your first ball of product...


Dare "Powder Coat" Acrylic Dip System (Including Step-by-Step Instruction Manual)

The Dare Acrylic “Dip” system is a unique nail system that gives your nails a thin, natural look while providing an overlay with good adhesion to the nail. This system has no odour, no burning and no yellowing.

The Dare Acrylic “Dip” system is ideal for the client who wants to wear an Acrylic Resin System long term or who want a temporary enhancement, because it simply soaks off in 10 minutes...


Le Chat - Nobility Competition Gel - Soak Off Formula Natural Nail System
  1. Clean hands with Nobility™ Gel Cleanser & Nail Prep Solution, then gently push back the cuticle.
  2. File nails to desired shape
  3. Using a 180 grit Buffer, gently remove the shine and Pterygium from the natural nail.
  4. Remove excess dust using a nylon brush. Spray and wipe nails with Nobility™ Gel Cleanser & Nail Prep Solution. Apply PrimeBond to natural nail.

Le Chat Starter Kit Incorporating French Pink and White

Gelee TechNailogy is a creative trailblazer, The Originator of POWDER GEL Products, showing the way to nail perfection and refinements with salon-tested techniques and easy application invented with nail professionals in mind.

This simple Brush-On Method not only produces splendid results without burning sensations or offensive fumes, but forms a natural-looking finish with a glorious gloss that last! Absolutely ideal for French manicure- No need to worry about Yellowing!


Le Chat Professional Kit (Inc. Step-by-Step Instructions)

Create strong, natural looking, durable nails with this pro kit. Ideal for French manicures.

Made with the nail professional in mind.

Including a step by step instructional video that guides you to effortless, fail proof, radiant nails.



Much of the language is the same (preparation, application, cure, file and finish), so the difference is difficult to grasp.

To begin with, gels are made from acrylic ingredients. However, they aren’t the same type, or form, of acrylic as the traditional powder-and-liquid combo that is familiar. The liquid of a powder/liquid product is called a MONOMER.

MONO means ONE, MER means UNIT. So the monomer is one unit (or molecule).

POLY means MANY; hence POLYMER means many units.

Together the polymer and monomer blend together and harden to form the artificial nail enhancement. (Actually, the powder and liquid are made up of the same material, but because one is a monomer and the other a polymer, they take on different physical forms).

The gel material on the other hand is an OLIGOMER.

OLI means FEW. So gels are a few molecules strung together – their physical appearance is somewhere in the middle of the powder and the liquid. Because it’s in between monomers and polymers, gel is gooey and stringy.

Under the UV rays of the light, the oligomers going together to become a polymer.

However, the difference to note is that, unlike a powder-and-liquid mixture, which could take a number of days to cure, UV gels never stop curing as long as they are exposed to UV light. This is one reason why UV gel enhancements often become brittle over time.


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