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29 Sept 2008

Below are the AMAZING SPECIALS that we have for this week only (29 Sept 2008 to 5 October 2008). Simply Click on any of the SPECIALS to go to our Website and see more on these and other items on SPECIAL.

Nail Clipper Builders Gel (Clear) CM Nail Polishes Acetone Brilliant Shine Top Coat
R 11.00 R 140.00 R 45.00 R 25.00 R 33.00
R 4.99 R 69.99 R 19.99 R 14.99 R 14.99

Shiner File Buffing Block - White Zebra Banana Spongie Pedi - File
R 10.00 R 5.00 R 5.00 R 12.00 R 18.00
R 3.99 R 1.99 R 1.99 R 3.99 R 4.99

Half Moon File Black File Builders Gel (Pink) Soaking Bowl (Acrylic) Winter Illusion
R 8.00 R 5.00 R 140.00 R 15.00 R 45.00
R 2.99 R 1.99 R 69.99 R 7.99 R 19.99

PINK & WHITE GEL APPLICATION - Basic Step by Step Instruction - more...
STEP - Clean Hand   STEP - Apply Deco   STEP - Apply LeChat Gel Primer
  • Clean Hand with Le Chat Cleanser nail Preparation solution...
  • Gently push back cuticles & remove pterygium
  • Apply Deco Natural tip extensions. Cut and shape according to your clients desires. Make sure tp blend tips down even to nail bed. Pay close attention to seam line. Brush off excess dust.
  • Apply LeChat Gel primer (optional) on Natural Nail Tip only.
  • Allow primer to dry completely to chalky white. Do not apply primer on tip extensions...

24K Gold Bright Star Egyptian Gold Lover Heart Winter Illusion
R 45.00 R 45.00 R 45.00 R 45.00 R 45.00
R 19.99 R 19.99 R 19.99 R 19.99 R 19.99


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